Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Does This Interest You

Ok, I have loads of books here, on a whole range of topics. Over the last eight years in Doha, my husband and I have been ferrying books from home and ordering them online.

We read many of these books more than once.

Here is what I thought. We will lend you the books.

This is the basic idea. You pay no rental fee. You pay either QR50 as a refundable deposit, or donate two of your books (not refundable) to the collection. Every week, we will fix an hour or two as open house.

Come in. Browse. And take your pick. Only 2 books at a time.

This is just an idea I am bouncing around now. Operations will begin after summer.

Please note, this is NOT a social club. It is not for profit. We just have some great books we would like to share. And we would like to be a part of a a community of book lovers here. And hopefully get introduced to new authors and new genres as well.

This is not a book club or reading group. Time enough for that.

Do mail back with your comments and suggestions. Only if you are seriously interested.


Ravikiran said...

Done as requested.

I am in anyways...;-)

qatar booklovers said...

thanks ravi. and you are exempted from joining fees.